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The Fairytale Dress – Kiss After Midnight Edition

Emma haas been dreaming of this moment since she were a little girl, and now it’s here. The big day is here, the day she finally get to walk down the stage and claim prom queen, nothing could stop her now.

She so many things on your plate in the run-up to prom: booking a hotel for the after party, finding an after-prom activity and yes getting the dress.

If you’re like Emma, we know how much time you’ll spend worrying about whether or not your dress will look good in pictures—so why not take some of that stress off your plate and let us do all the work?

We’ve curated our collection of haute couture evening dresses to make sure that every girl is able to find something that makes her feel like a princess on her big night out. Our dresses are custom-made by master tailors using only the finest materials, including silk, chiffon and satin. The fabrics are imported from all over the world—you’ll find everything from French-milled silk to Russian sable fur trimming—and each dress is made specifically for you, making it one-of-a-kind.

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