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A Wine Spill On A Red Bejeweled Dress? – Is That Being Fashion Forward Or Just A Mistake

What happens when a magical evening with the perfect one of a kind dress ends up with wine being spilled over your dress? Is the dress beautiful enough to withstand this faux pas? – Well let’s find out in this plot twist

It all began as the take as old as mankind itself , boy meets girl, boy likes girl and boy asks girl out on a date.

It was a beautiful summer evening, and young Duchess Elisabeth Amalie had to accompany her sister Suchess Helena on a date with the man of her dreams.

Duchess Helena spent hours getting ready, trying on different outfits and fussing with her hair and makeup. Finally, she settled on a stunning red dress that made her feel confident and glamorous.

As she walked out the door, her sister Duchess Elisabeth Amalie also had on a red bejeweled dress with crystal embroidery and she couldn’t help but quote the words of Lady Danbury from Bridgerton: “You look stunning. And we all know, ‘it’s not what one wears, but how one wears it.'” Both sisters set out for Helena’s date, E was just there as a chaperone so she didn’t bother with trying to make an impression.

As they both approached the table, the date started off great. Emperor Franz Joseph I was a gentleman by all standards. Elisabeth sat back as Helena and Emperor Franz went for a romantic stroll in the park, admiring the flowers and watching the sunset. But things took a turn when they went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

Much to Helena’s despite, Elisabeth noticed that her dress was attracting a lot of attention from other patrons, which made her feel self-conscious. Helena excused herself to use the lady’s room when as if on cue , disaster struck, – Franz was reaching for the menu when he spilled red wine all the crystals on Elisabeth’s dress!

Most women would feel embarrassed and defeated, but not Elisabeth, she laughed out loud drawing more attention from everyone at the restaurant. Emperor Franz Joseph couldn’t help but be enticed by the vibrance of Elisabeth’s laughter, for the first time in a long time, he felt alive. They talked a bit while waiting for Helena and discovered they shared a lot in common.

By the time Helena came out of the bathroom, Franz had completely forgotten she was there to begin with, he was mesmerized by Elisabeth and the way the crystals from the dress clung to her skin amidst the red wine which now somehow looked like it belong with the dress, infact the dress looked better with the wine spill, Elisabeth seemed to make everything come alive.

By the end of the date, Franz offered to walk them both to their chambers and it began to rain. Helena raj for cover but not Elisa, she danced the night away under the rain and the red dress twirled around her, the emperor was fixated on her, he had never seen anything look more majestic than Elisabeth dancing under the rain as the magnificent red dress adorned with crystals circulated all around her.

By the end of the date, Franz Joseph went back to his mum who arranged the date and in their native language of German said “ich heir ate entweder Elisabeth oder keine” meaning I either marry Elisabeth or no one.

That’s how one wine spill changed the course of history and Elisabeth kept Lady Danbury’s words in mind – it’s not what she wears, but how she wears it.

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